copyrigths, free source, intellectual property media and software piracy

Recently i had a discussion about copyrigths, free source, intellectual property media and software piracy. As i am a strong supporter for open source, free source, free distribution of knowledge of any kind, so i am kind of a beta tester for some propritary software products. The summary of my counterpart, equals from "the poor artists which don't get any money" to "no i don't do anything against the law". As we were with a lot of other the discussion heated and i felt like a bad boy.
So the next time last weekend i went to a media store i bougth 3 games for 10 bugs euro each.
All these games were at least 3 years away from there publishing date.
1. Loki, didn't even start working after installation. White Screen with some HUD. (the uhmm beta version was fully functional). I will have another try next weekend.
2. Last Chaos, was making an effort to keep up to the name, it is a mmo which is financed mostly by bying ingame money. It is far from completed has several bugs and not a very intuitiv user interface. I was pleased that i didn't spend more money on that one.
3. Dark Messia, nice game but definetly to hungry on resources, i clearly meat the recommended stats. I could only play it when i drop all preferences to the lowest possible and even then it is bumby.
My lesson of it or should i say the hardend experience is,
i first beta test and when it is really good i go and get it.
I did the same long ago with music of my friends.
I go even more to the cinema since i look some films online first.
I don't see the points of my counterpart in the discussion mentioned.

thats all from me for know have a good time

24.11.08 16:20

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