website relaunch

Since i started at my new workplace again, some time went down the stream of my life.(weniger poetisch, a bisla Zeit is ins Land gegangen ^^).
We have just finished our own new corporate website. The firm i work for is the web agency 'beyond-content'.

Besides that, there was another disturbance in the force. Till last week we mainly used the Komodo IDE. As my boss has already tried the new 5.0 testversion and we were getting to the point upgrading and buying some new licenses there came a message about the newly added python support for netbeans 6.5. Myself tested it a little since friday and installed it on XP as on Ubuntu 8.04. It looks nicely, has fully subversion support.
The neat code completion of netbeans shows allways full object paths where komodo only shows the possible next levels of any object. For myself seeing the whole thing is more intuitive. Sadly both IDE's don't really support editing of big files, for that i still have to use gedit or textpad.

24.11.08 16:19

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