copyrigths, free source, intellectual property media and software piracy

Recently i had a discussion about copyrigths, free source, intellectual property media and software piracy. As i am a strong supporter for open source, free source, free distribution of knowledge of any kind, so i am kind of a beta tester for some propritary software products. The summary of my counterpart, equals from "the poor artists which don't get any money" to "no i don't do anything against the law". As we were with a lot of other the discussion heated and i felt like a bad boy.
So the next time last weekend i went to a media store i bougth 3 games for 10 bugs euro each.
All these games were at least 3 years away from there publishing date.
1. Loki, didn't even start working after installation. White Screen with some HUD. (the uhmm beta version was fully functional). I will have another try next weekend.
2. Last Chaos, was making an effort to keep up to the name, it is a mmo which is financed mostly by bying ingame money. It is far from completed has several bugs and not a very intuitiv user interface. I was pleased that i didn't spend more money on that one.
3. Dark Messia, nice game but definetly to hungry on resources, i clearly meat the recommended stats. I could only play it when i drop all preferences to the lowest possible and even then it is bumby.
My lesson of it or should i say the hardend experience is,
i first beta test and when it is really good i go and get it.
I did the same long ago with music of my friends.
I go even more to the cinema since i look some films online first.
I don't see the points of my counterpart in the discussion mentioned.

thats all from me for know have a good time

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website relaunch

Since i started at my new workplace again, some time went down the stream of my life.(weniger poetisch, a bisla Zeit is ins Land gegangen ^^).
We have just finished our own new corporate website. The firm i work for is the web agency 'beyond-content'.

Besides that, there was another disturbance in the force. Till last week we mainly used the Komodo IDE. As my boss has already tried the new 5.0 testversion and we were getting to the point upgrading and buying some new licenses there came a message about the newly added python support for netbeans 6.5. Myself tested it a little since friday and installed it on XP as on Ubuntu 8.04. It looks nicely, has fully subversion support.
The neat code completion of netbeans shows allways full object paths where komodo only shows the possible next levels of any object. For myself seeing the whole thing is more intuitive. Sadly both IDE's don't really support editing of big files, for that i still have to use gedit or textpad.

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brain dump

This week i started an English course financed by my boss. From know on this blog will be in English. Since i couldn't guarantee flawless German, which is my mother-tongue, you shouldn't expect too much. At least i use a good spell-checker of Firefox and heavily.

The whole week i started about 9:30 to 9:45 in the morning which is really nice and ended work between 21:00 and 22:30 which was rather not so nice.
We have had some problems with our servers. Well not real problems, like crashes or something like that, but enough to get my attention. Which is not as hard as it seems if you take in mind the about 5000 emails into my email-box. For each server and each service we offer we have sensors installed and those were flooding me with emails. I am not a system administrator ... but it seems so i have that job equally i like it or not.

There is a saying in Germany: cumbersome is the squirrels subsisting
Kind of was the learning experience in Linux, Python and Django this week.
I did need double of time i was expecting, but i managed to get one important task done by today. So it was not a worthless week but exhausting.

If you don't now but would want to, i go home know and play Guildwars.


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hiho, nach langer pause mal wieda wat von mir zum besten gegeben. Die letzten 5-6 Jahre wahren eine ziemliche Berg- und Talfahrt. jetzt hoffe ich mal wieder einen Anker gefunden zu haben, mit dem ich mehr Kontinuität in mein Leben bringe. Neuer Job neues Glück
Ich hatte zwar nie vor für eine Web-Agentur zu arbeiten, jedoch hat diese meine jetzige, beyond-content, als einzige die Kombination aus Technologien im Einsatz mit denen ich schon lange arbeiten wollte und bei verstaubten Firmen bei denen ich zuvor war nicht im Traum daran gedacht würde selbige einzusetzen. Ich bekomme die Chance meine eher bescheidenen Kenntnisse in den Bereichen Python, XML, Linux auf Vordermann zu bringen und ich gedenke sie zu nutzen.

Der erste Monat ist bereits vorbei und ich fühle mich wohl bei beyond-content. Nette, freundliche Kollegen, einige mit einem eher heiteren und sonnigen Gemüt was meinen noch manchmal depressiven Zügen sehr zu gute kommt. Chefe fährt in Urlaub und heiratet und ich darf die Stellung halten. Vielleicht hat man bereits herauslesen können, diese Firma ist nicht sooo groß wie die bei denen ich zuvor gearbeitet hatte. Inklusive mir selbst 4 Leute am Start. Klein, wendig, agil. Und meine Überzeugung wächst das ich einen Glücksgriff damit gemacht habe. Danke Glück.

Die Anforderungen an mich sind nicht zu unterschätzen. Es ist noch viel zu lernen über Python und django unserem Web-Framework aber ich bekomme mehr und mehr nen Durchblick wie die Rädchen sich drehen und hab schon ne ganze Menge auf geschnappt. Stetig Tropfen höhlt den Stein bzw. immer schön am Ball bleiben und dann wird das schon klappen.

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